Helping You Obtain The Child Custody And Support Arrangement You Need

Your children are easily the most important part of your life. If you are going through a divorce or break up of your relationship, their well-being is your biggest concern. No matter what else happens in your divorce, you want the outcome that is best for them.

To protect your and your children's best interests when reaching a custody, visitation or child support arrangement, you need strong legal representation. Vergara & Favia Law, LTD, provides the advocacy, care and guidance that residents in St. Charles and Wheaton and throughout Illinois need in their custody and support disputes.

With more than 30 years of combined experience, we vehemently advocate for your and your children's best interests in matters such as:

  • Allocations of parental rights and responsibilities (commonly known as child custody)
  • Visitation rights
  • Allocation of child support
  • Child custody modifications
  • Child support modifications

We Are Here When You Need Aggressive Advocates

Sometimes, divorcing couples can use alternative dispute resolution to reach a compromise regarding custody, visitation and child support. But when private negotiations are not adequate to get the results you need, it is time to take a more assertive approach.

Our lawyers have the experience to help you obtain the best outcome for you and your children in your family legal matters. Sometimes, this means taking your case to trial. As skilled trial lawyers, we will not hesitate to argue your case before a judge in an Illinois court.

Unique Legal Strategies, Tailored To Your Case

The stakes in your custody and child support battle could not be higher. That is why we will tailor our legal strategy to suit your individual needs. Everything that Vergara & Favia Law, LTD, does in and out of court is strategically tailored to meet or exceed your objectives.

Discuss Your Case With Our Attorneys

Contact our offices in St. Charles or Wheaton to discuss your child custody, support or visitation case with our attorneys. Call 331-223-4529, or send us an email.