As a resident of Illinois, if you have been convicted of a DUI, then you are aware of the strict penalties you can face. You may have to endure losing your license, paying steep fines and maybe even face jail time. In addition, if you were recently convicted of a DUI, you may find that you are required to have an ignition interlock device in your vehicle to keep you from driving while under the influence.

The device works by having the driver blow into a mouthpiece to determine if they are suitable for driving. If the device detects a higher-level concentration of alcohol in your system than what is allowed, it will prevent you from starting the car.

A recent study showed the use of ignition interlock systems in vehicles stopped 1.77 million drivers from starting their car and attempting to drive.

Who will use the device?

First time DUI offenders who have been convicted in the state of Illinois will be required to get an ignition interlock device installed if they want to drive while their license is suspended. If you rely on your car for work, school or just getting around for daily tasks, having this device in your car can keep you on the road. You are not guaranteed to get a device just because you want one. Obtaining the device will depend on the circumstances based on your DUI conviction.

Is there a cost to using the device?

You will have to pay around $75 to $150 to have the device installed in your car. You should also expect to pay a monthly fee for monitoring and calibration which will be between $60 and $80.

You may have to do a running re-test

While you are driving, the device may ask you to do a re-test. You will need to pull over and provide a breath sample. Non-compliance will make the car’s horn honk until the test is complete. The horn will also go off if you fail the test. If you think turning off the car gets you off the hook from taking the test, just know that doing so will be a violation of the rules of having the device.

If you have a DUI conviction but absolutely need to keep driving, an ignition interlock device may be a way to keep you from being parked when your license is suspended. Be aware however, that the device comes with several restrictions and added costs to what you may have already had to pay for your DUI arrest.