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Building A Strong Defense Against Sex Crimes

Our criminal justice system is built on the presumption of innocence. However, a person who is accused of a sex crime may find their reputation destroyed by the allegation alone. A conviction can have life-long consequences. When everything is on the line, you need help from a lawyer who can build a strong defense and limit the harm that a criminal sexual allegation can cause.

At Vergara & Favia Law, LTD, our attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights and the futures of people throughout the Tri-City area who have been charged with a sexual offense. We are prepared to put our more than 50 years of combined legal experience to work for you.

We Defend Against All Sex Charges

We represent people who have been charged with all types of sex-related crimes, including:

  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Solicitation
  • Indecent exposure

We will take a close look at the circumstances surrounding your arrest to help you build a sound defense. We know how to effectively challenge DNA evidence and eyewitness testimony and will work hard to protect you from the harshest consequences.

Digital Sex Crimes Defense

With computers being prevalent in every part of our lives, there has been a significant increase in digital sex crimes charges, such as those involving child pornography, revenge porn and online solicitation of a minor. These types of cases need to be taken seriously.

You should not voluntarily give up your phone, computer or other electronic devices without a search warrant. If you believe that you are under investigation for an alleged digital sex crime, but have not been formally charged, you should still seek legal help as soon as possible to ensure your rights remain protected at every step.

Sex Offender Registry

A conviction for nearly any type of sex crime will result in your having to register as a sex offender in Illinois. Depending on the type of crime, you may have to register every year for 10 years, every year for the rest of your life or every 90 days for the rest of your life.

As a registered sex offender, you will be limited in where you can live, work or even where you can go. This will be a matter of public record that any person may look into. That is why it is so important to protect your future and your reputation, with the help of skilled legal counsel.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Case

If you have been accused of a criminal sexual offense, it is important to seek legal help as soon as possible. Call us at 331-223-4529 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case. With office locations in St. Charles and Wheaton, we are conveniently located to better serve your needs.