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Accused Of A Violent Crime? We Combine Over 50 Years Of Defense Experience

Illinois law takes violent crime very seriously. Because of the state’s history with violent crime, if a jury convicts you, the sentencing is unlikely to be lenient. A conviction means significant time in jail and a record that will follow you for life. You cannot afford a weak defense. At Vergara & Favia Law, LTD, our attorneys are aggressive fighters. We will represent you and help you obtain the best possible outcome.

Experienced attorneys can make all the difference. When you hire us, you hire fierce advocates. Our lawyers are experienced practitioners who understand the nuances of Illinois criminal law. We know that your future is on the line, and we take that very seriously. Call our attorneys today at 331-223-4529.

How We Represent You

There are many steps to a criminal proceeding. We walk with you each step of the way. At our firm, you have consistent attention and personalized service. We answer all your questions in a timely manner and fight for your long-term needs.

Our attorneys regularly represent defendants in violent crime cases, including:

  • Assault and battery
  • Firearms charges
  • Sexual assault and rape
  • Homicide and attempted homicide

We seek the optimal solution for you; we do more than just settle for an arbitrary plea deal determined by the prosecutor. We fight for you.

Are You Ready To Fight To Protect Your Rights? We Are.

If you face criminal allegations for a violent crime, you have options. At Vergara & Favia Law, our attorneys are dedicated and knowledgeable. We do not settle for anything less than your best possible outcome. Let us fight for you. Email our firm today or call 331-223-4529.