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Frequently Asked Questions After A DUI Arrest

If you have been charged with a DUI, you likely have a number of questions. At Vergara & Favia Law, LTD, our attorneys are here to help answer those questions and determine the best path moving forward. The following are some of the questions our lawyers frequently encounter.

It is important to keep in mind that everyone’s case is different, and nothing can replace the advice you receive from meet face-to-face with an attorney. To schedule an initial consultation, call us at 331-223-4529.

Do I have to submit to a breath test?

No. However, refusal to submit to a Breathalyzer will result in more significant penalties. For example, a breath test refusal will cause your driver’s license to be automatically suspended for one year.

Do I have to perform field sobriety tests?

No. Field sobriety tests are largely designed to give officers stronger evidence to make an arrest. Refusing to perform these tests will not result in more severe punishment, unlike a Breathalyzer refusal.

Will I lose my driver’s license?

Yes. Under the implied consent law in Illinois, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended. The length of the suspension depends on the type of charge and whether you have previous convictions on your record. It may be possible to secure a restricted license, enabling you to travel to and from work, as well as to perform other limited errands. The installation of an ignition interlock device or following other court requirements are often necessary to secure a restricted license.

What if I have a CDL?

A DUI conviction, even if you were using your personal vehicle, can put your CDL at risk. Our attorneys will review the circumstances of your case and let you know what your options are while attempting to avoid harsh consequences that can affect your livelihood.

Do I need a lawyer?

Your case may seem like a lost cause, especially if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was measured as being over the legal limit for driving. However, defenses are available. Breathalyzer tests are not foolproof. The police may not even have had probable cause to make a traffic stop to begin with.

A lawyer knows how to challenge the evidence against you and how to fight for a dismissal of the charges. Even if a dismissal is not possible, it may be possible to have the charges reduced, minimizing the penalties that follow a DUI conviction.

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