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DUI defense could affect outcome of charges in fatal crashes

On behalf of Vergara & Favia LTD, Attorneys At Law posted in dui defense on Wednesday, February 20, 2019.

The unfortunate fact is that accidents happen. Whether anyone here in St. Charles or elsewhere would like to admit it, some people suffer serious or fatal injuries as a result of mistakes that are not rooted in criminal acts. When drunk driving is suspected, criminal charges could follow, but a good DUI defense could remove that potential factor from the table, leaving only mistake and negligence as the cause for an accident. Whether this will be the case in a recent crash involving the death of a pedestrian remains to be seen. It was a recent Saturday when reports indicate that a pickup truck struck a 23-year-old woman shortly after 2:40 a.m. Sadly, the woman passed away at the scene from the injuries she suffered in the impact. Police took the 27-year-old man said to be driving that pickup truck at the time of the accident into custody and transported him to the Macon County Jail. Officers suspected the man of driving under the influence at the time. However, all of the relevant information will need to be reviewed by the State's Attorney's Office before any charges are formally filed against the man. At present, he faces a charge of aggravated driving under the influence, which is only preliminary. While this decision is under consideration, it would be a good time to enlist the aid of a criminal defense attorney to begin formulating a DUI defense. The same would apply to anyone who finds him or herself in this unfortunate situation. Tags: DUI Defense

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