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Seeking DUI defense after alcohol-related accident

On behalf of Vergara & Favia LTD, Attorneys At Law posted in dui defense on Sunday, December 23, 2018.

Driving a car after drinking alcohol is always a hazard, whether risking injury to oneself or others, or the chance of being arrested and charged with DUI. Penalties for DUI are severe in Illinois, especially if an accident or injuries are involved. Those who face these penalties often rely on a strong DUI defense to ensure police have not violated their rights and to challenge the evidence against them. One man is currently facing charges after an accident that reportedly occurred just after the man had left a bar. The man supposedly admitted to police he had consumed three vodka beverages and was on his way to pick up a pizza to take home. As he made a left turn, his car collided with a police car, injuring the officer who was driving and damaging both vehicles. Police say the man thought he had the green arrow to make the turn legally. However, witnesses say that intersection does not have a green arrow. Additionally, reports indicate the man willingly volunteered that he was probably in no shape to drive and that he had almost no memory of the accident. The media did not report whether the man submitted to a breath or sobriety test, and it is not clear if police read the man his rights before he made the statements attributed to him. Having a skilled attorney to launch a DUI defense will bring the answers to these questions to light. When facing DUI charges, it is wise to contact an attorney at the earliest possible moment to ensure the preservation of important evidence. Tags: DUI Defense

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